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1. 2 days Free Numero Vastu Workshop online; 29-30 May 2024 (Wed-Thur) 2. 3 days Vastu Professional Success Program in Delhi: 21st-23rd June 2024 3. Congratulations, We have opened the support forum on 15th June 2020 for our esteemed students. It's live now 24×7. Please join and exchange your knowledge now.
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Anyone can learn Numerology irrespective of their age, gender, cast, creed and religion. If you feel that you are ready to transform your life, achieve the success in life that is meant for you, create that perfect balance in your relationships, then this is for you. Using the power of numbers you can understand the purpose behind your life and more specifically, the aim you need to have in life.


  1. Become a Professional Numerologist and make a career out of it.
  2. Transform your life along with the lives of others.
  3. Become aware about your own strengths and weaknesses and your goal in life.
  4. Be a part of one of the most respected professions.
  5. Get financial freedom.
  6. Earn great money, name and fame.