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Budh Pyra Yantra

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  • To uplift Mercury, Venus & other missing numbers in date of birth
  • To Strengthen Career and Marriage
  • Gives Stability in life
Price: 6000 / Piece + 18% GST

IIt is a common notion among people that an astrologer or a Numerologist always recommends very expensive remedies in the form of gemstones. While we agree that gemstones are effective but a quality gemstone is beyond the reach of a common man’s pocket. And wearing a poor-quality gemstone may not give the desired results.

We strongly believe the remedies should be non-expensive and affordable for each and everyone. We can achieve even better results with simple remedies too.


  • Time tested by our saints/shastras
  • Easily gel with the aura of the person
  • Help to remove the weaknesses in the Numeroscope
  • Improve the thought process
  • Improve energy & vitality of a person

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